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How to Sell EHR Software in a Saturated Market

by Mary Ann Hegvold on July 2, 2015

After a year or more of using an EHR system, it's easy for users to see the holes and identify what's not working for them. They might be thinking about changing, but they also know that it’s a big process to tackle. How do you convince them that the change is worth the effort?

Changing to a new software system is typically a pretty long and involved process. We’ve all experienced it and know that ultimately the change is for good, but finding time to research the right options, learn something new and get your entire staff onboard isn’t always easy.

And if you’re selling electronic health record software to medical practices, this is exactly what your potential customers are thinking now that most of them are using some version of an EHR in their offices.

How to Make The Switch to a New EHR Easier

If you want a medical practice to switch their EHR, you’ll need to provide them with a plan for making it easy. And even then, they’ll resist simply because it’s change. Your job is to prove that their business needs are more beneficial than human nature’s resistance to change. Seems logical, how do you get the leads in a world that contains so many different EHR options?

The best type of lead is when they click the "free demo" button on the website and complete the form. But... there's quite a bit of work required to get them to click that button. For more insight on that, you might want to read:  Why Selling EHR Software Requires More Than a Free Demo Offer.

So how do you get healthcare facilities to find you and then ensure you're in the mix of best options for their final selection?

At some level, cost was a part of every EHR selection. But there are other features of the software that set you apart that will influence a buyer's decision.

One of the best ways to get in front of a medical practice considering a new EHR is to be there, even when you're not.  What does this mean? You’ll need to produce content that proves you can fill the holes they've found, and then help clients make it through the software transition period quickly and happily, while avoiding a budget overage.

Remember, 60% of a decision on something like software is often done before they ever talk to a sales representative. That means they're doing research -- both through first-hand experiences of their colleagues and by doing their own online research.

If you're an ideal EHR for a specific medical specialty, you can write content and share examples of success from other's experiences in the industry that will help make that specialty want to select you.

Some of this content is going to be free and available to anyone. And some of it will require an email address -- a.k.a. a new lead.

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Types of Content To Create When Selling EHR Software

When we say create web content, we don't mean the list of features and benefits that everyone's website has to have in order to explain what your software does. Sales materials are meant specifically for that purpose. But there is another way to be found: Through online content that answers questions, outside of your typical sales materials. Get into the nitty gritty a little. Show them you know what you're talking about. 

1. Blogs

Both doctors and practice managers are doing their research on the web to get a feel for the options out there and to see how other people handle similar problems. Use the blog to educate and direct them to more advanced content.
If you're not entirely sure specifically who you're going to target with your content, be sure develop personas first.
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Choose topics for writing blogs that give more insight than typical sales materials.  The breadth and depth of your company’s expertise in EHR and billing software is most likely very wide and deep. Use that to your advantage. Determine the most common objections to switching EHR software and then address them in short, friendly blogs.
Why? Because the web is where they’re going to for their research. Use phrases that people are searching for in your blogs to help you show up in the search results.  And think beyond "EHR for [insert any specialty or type of facility]."  Inbound marketing software, among a few other services, make data available that tells which phrases are most popular and should be targeted.

2. Guide Books and Checklists

Selling EHR software sometimes requires you to get into the details for someone on how they're going to get through the changeover process. Create checklists and/or guides that will help a practice or other healthcare facility decide what type of an EHR they need or help them decide when is the right time to switch.
These can be pretty short and relatively high level. But remember, the key factor is being helpful. Use a landing page strategy to present the content and collect the lead information. This is a lead at the top of the funnel who you can now nurture through the EHR sales process!

3. Case Studies With Testimonials

Proof. It's what helps sway people. Can you prove that your EHR software produced great results for a client? And better yet, would the client provide you with a short testimonial on what they experienced during the changeover process? Video would be best but any type of testimonial would be good.
Prove to them that it’s possible and that they can be happy with their practice management software and all the options that are included. Make the case study attractive and easy to read. That will help practice managers and/or doctors quickly understand your point so they can easily present the information to others in their office.
This is the middle of the funnel. They may still not be ready for that free demo, which we consider a bottom of the funnel offer. So keep nurturing them with automated emails after they access the case study. You can make this download process very easy for anyone who has previously submitted their email address through your website if you're using HubSpot (or other marketing automation software). It will recognize them (if they're using the same computer as they did on their first visit) and will fill in fields where information is already available.  This reduces that barrier, but also tells you that they're further along in the EHR sales process.

Because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies similar to yours in the eyes of the buyer you need this educational content to answer questions and ease the minds of your potential buyers thinking of making an EHR switch. 

Once you've had them in your sales funnel for a little bit, it makes sense to start asking them to participate in the free demo. It will feel natural after they've been on your website, downloaded content, signed up for your blog, and/or received a few follow up emails.

All of these things can be accomplished using inbound marketing. 

To help you find a better pathway through the sales process we can set up a free 30 minute website assessment.  We'll talk about ways you can add more content or offers as well as enhance the materials you already have to target your personas.


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