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How to Sell EHR Software in a Saturated Market

by Mary Ann Hegvold on December 11, 2019

The thought of using a shiny new EHR with all the right features is exciting. However, the thought of moving everything over to a new system  is painful. How do you, as the EHR software representative, convince your potential customers that the change is worth the effort?

With a huge push a few years ago to get healthcare facilities using EHR software, people were often making choices under a tight deadline without really assessing all the features to be sure it met their needs. Or, in some cases, they weren’t really sure what their needs were! 

What seemed like the right EHR software then may have turned out to be less perfect than they originally thought. We hear from physician offices all the time about how they don’t love their EHR or their patients struggle to use it. For EHR software sales teams, this should be one of your sweet spots.

So what can you do?

Help Make The Switch To a New EHR Easier

Change isn’t easy. We all know that. So, making the process of transition from one software platform to another a positive experience should be one of your key selling points.

1. Evaluate YOUR Process for SofTware Transition

First, make sure your company has a solid plan for moving your new customers from their existing software to your EHR software. You probably do. But if you’re not familiar with it, spend some time learning about it. Talk to some customers too and see what went well and what didn’t while they moved over to your system. 

You may find that there are things your company can do to improve the process. Encourage everyone that it’s in the best interest of their bottom line to create the best process out there for EHR software transition.

2. Talk OPENLY About How to Make the EHR Software Transition An Easy One

Assuming you have a good process, talk about it. You might not give away the granular specifics that a decision maker may not understand. But go over the concepts. That's something everyone can understand.

  • Give pointers for things they can do to prepare before selecting a new EHR.
  • Help them understand the questions a software company is going to ask them to be able to help them transition.

And, be sure all of this good info is on your website. Why? Because more than two-thirds of the research and decision-making process for a complex purchase (like EHR Software) is completed before ever talking to a sales representative. 

Online Reviews

In some cases a potential customer may be Googling specific brand names -- especially if they get some suggestions from others in the industry. That’s why online reviews are really important. If they Google your name, be sure there are positive reviews visible.

But not everyone starts by Googling a brand name. They are searching to figure out how to solve the challenge of making the software transition process smooth and easy for their entire office (and in many cases, multiple offices). This is where your online content and approach to software transition can become the reason why someone chooses you.

Online Content

Because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies similar to yours in the eyes of the buyer you need educational content to answer questions and ease the minds of your potential buyers.

It’s important to remember that not every visitor to your website is a candidate for a free demo.

You might also want to read: Why Selling EHR Software Requires More Than a Free Demo Offer.

Giving a demo takes time so you want to be sure you are giving it to the right people who are a good fit for your software. 

That’s why offering content on your website about EHR transition can help move them towards being truly ready for a live demo. 

What Types of Content Should You Be Creating When Selling EHR Software?

When we say "create web content," we don't mean the list of features and benefits that everyone's website has to have in order to explain what your software does. Sales materials are meant specifically for that purpose. You need to create content that demonstrates that you understand the searchers concerns.


Doctors, practice managers, and practice IT staff are all doing their research on the web to get a feel for the options out there and to see how other people handle similar problems. Create blog content regularly that will help answer questions, ease their concerns and develop a plan to go forward. Remember... your blog isn't a sales pitch, it's educational. So be sure you're writing to a particular audience. 

(If you're not sure specifically who you're going to target with your content, be sure to develop personas first. Download a Free Persona Development Guide.)


Selling EHR software sometimes requires you to get into the details for someone on how they're going to get through the changeover process. Create checklists and/or guides that will help a practice or other healthcare facility decide what type of an EHR they need or help them decide when is the right time to switch.

Remember, the key factor is being helpful. We suggest you place this content directly into your website and compliment that with a PDF version that can be downloaded. Use a landing page to collect just enough information from the visitor without being overbearing. Remember, this is just their research phase so they won’t be willing to give away lots of details for your free guide. 

But, by doing this you are creating a lead list that has some level of interest in switching their EHR software.  They will be a good group to reach out to in the future. (Learn more about how you can use content, your CRM and lead nurturing to improve the quality of your sales leads.)


Proof. It's what helps sway people. Can you prove that your EHR software produced great results for a customer?

And better yet, would the client provide you with a short testimonial on what they experienced during the changeover process? Video would be best but any type of testimonial would be good.

Prove to your visitors that it’s possible to have a smooth switch.  Make the case study attractive and easy to read. That will help practice managers and/or doctors quickly understand your point so they can easily present the information to others in their office.


While a live demo will give a very customized, specific tour of the software, having a short tour of the software in a video of 2-3 minutes can drive interest levels up that lead up to a live demo. Not only does your website demonstrate how you are going to make it easy for them to switch, you can showcase the way your software looks and how easy it is to use.   

Engage Interested Website Visitors in a Conversation

That demo request may be more appealing once someone has found your website and spent time with your content. Or, they may have a question that they’d like to have answered before requesting a demo. Consider using chat as an option on the website. Research is showing that 79% of website visitors across all websites are willing to use a website chat. But not everyone makes it available. There are quite a few options out there that can make this easy, even if you’re not at your desk ready to take a question.

If you’d like to learn more about what you should include on your website, download our free ebook on 25 Website Must-Haves.

25 Website 'Must-Haves'

Or, if you’re not sure how to get all of the content going, but know you have a good story to tell your website visitors, let’s talk. It’s what will make you stand apart from other EHR software companies.  

*Originally published July 2015. Updated in December 2019.