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by Lindsey Gutierrez on September 2, 2020

Are Your Website's Photos Ruining Your Marketing Strategy?

We were raised to believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. We've been taught this since grade school! It's burned into our minds because it's true.

Imagery will speak volumes about who you are and what you stand for. While you might have the best service or the latest must-have...

Topics: Website Design, Marketing Strategy

by Mary Ann Hegvold on August 31, 2020

4 Problems You Can Solve Through Inbound Marketing

Various entrepreneurs experience marketing difficulties on different occasions. One of the ways to address such issues is by adopting an inbound marketing strategy. Here are four online growth and lead generation challenges that inbound marketing can solve.

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy

by Mary Ann Hegvold on August 26, 2020

How to Decide if Your Marketing Plan is the Right One

During times of uncertainty, businesses often find ways to cut costs in order to survive. The first thing they would consider cutting is their marketing budget since it's the part that most consider optional.

However, cutting your marketing budget is like planning to increase sales without...

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Marketing ROI, Marketing Strategy

by Mary Ann Hegvold on June 2, 2020

What to Include in Your 2020 Marketing Budget: COVID Edition

Whatever you had planned for your 2020 marketing budget, odds are good you're re-evaluating all of it. What's really the most important marketing activities for your company right now? And, your sales team is probably looking to you for answers on how to bring in leads in the year of "cancelled...

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Marketing ROI, Marketing Strategy

by Mary Ann Hegvold on May 1, 2020

How to Prove the ROI of Marketing

As if marketing budgets weren't tight enough already, the economic downturn of 2020 is going to push marketers to prove their efforts are producing tangible results more than ever. And probably not just to keep your budget for next year... but to keep your job, or maybe the whole marketing...

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Marketing ROI, Website Lead Generation

by Tabitha Young on March 10, 2020

Why You Should Set SMART Goals for Paid Search Ads

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns can be tricky. At first glance, it seems like it should be simple: you create some ads, target some specific people and then wait for the results. Right?

The reality is that you should always have goals in mind before investing in ads. You wouldn't invest in the...

Topics: Marketing Strategy, Paid Search

by Tabitha Young on December 31, 2019

Why You Need Downloadable Content on Your Website

Downloadable content is typically a booklet (like this "25 Website Must-Haves" ebook), a checklist, an infographic, or another type of content that can be downloaded from your website that is educational in nature.

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy

by Mary Ann Hegvold on September 13, 2019

INBOUND 19 Takeaways You Can Put Into Action Today

What a whirlwind it was! Mark, Tabitha, Erin, Aaron and I spent last week in Boston at the annual INBOUND conference by HubSpot. This is a solid four days of inspiration, ideas, new product announcements, networking, food truck lunch selections, and miles and miles of walking. We'd like to share...

Topics: Video, Sales, Marketing Strategy

by Tabitha Young on September 11, 2019

What Is Inbound Marketing and Can It Work for Your Business?

Marketing has changed a lot in the past two decades. For one thing, there's the internet, and with it came business websites, search engines and social media. 

For another, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing automation have given marketers new tools to do their...

Topics: Inbound Marketing, SEO, Landing Page Strategy

by Mary Ann Hegvold on August 26, 2019

Start Blogging With a Purpose and Increase Your Website Leads

It's probably nothing new when you hear that you need to blog. "What's it gonna do for me," you ask? Well... it can mean all the difference in the number of good leads that you bring in through your website. And that should help you increase sales.

We often hear, "Blogging takes time and it uses...

Topics: Lead Generation, SEO, Marketing Strategy

by Mary Ann Hegvold on August 13, 2019

How Much Should You Spend on Digital Marketing?

Before you decide on a budget, you should consider what you're trying to achieve. Remember: 70% of a purchase decision is made before someone talks to a sales representative. Because of this, a heavy online marketing presence plays a big part in the overall sales process. 

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Marketing ROI, Lead Generation

by Mary Ann Hegvold on July 3, 2019

The Marketing Flywheel Model: Turning Customers into Business Drivers

Which of these two terms better describes the impact that customers have on your business: outcomes or drivers?

Sales people and marketers from 20 or 30 years ago would likely say "outcomes" without a second thought. After all, their jobs revolved around moving prospective customers down the...

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales