Spend five seconds on any website and you’ll already have a feeling about the company, their products, professionalism, and most likely you‘ll know if you’d like to continue browsing.

But a good website has to do more than look pretty. It also needs to entice visitors to stay, become a lead and even return in the future.

Does your website do that?

web design to generate leads

Websites Should Support Your Marketing Strategy

Before we build anything, we need to think about your company‘s goals. If you need to increase sales by X% in the next year, you will need to find more customers. To do that, we need to assess:

  • Traffic - Do you have enough? If not, what can we do to increase it?
  • Leads - Are you bringing in visitors, but they‘re not converting into leads and/or customers? If not, we can look at tactics that can keep them longer and turn them into leads sooner.
  • Customers - Once you have a customer, do you understand their experience? Do you ask for reviews? If not, we can look at how to provide support for customers so they will tell others about their positive experience.
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Custom Web Design & Latest Website Technologies

Each client‘s website serves a unique purpose. After we understand what you need to accomplish, we can recommend a design, content and other tools that will help you reach your goals.

Some of the web technologies we can include will help your visitors find what they‘re looking for quicker than browsing alone. Why not make their experience as custom as possible?

To do this we can identify the right tools which might include one or more of...

  • Chat
  • Bots
  • Personalized Website Experience
  • Knowledge Base

Your Website Should Evolve With Your Needs

Building a website is a big undertaking. We‘ve found that most people only go through it every few years with few changes in between. Is this serving you well to reach your goals? It may be time to do things differently.

There are a couple ways to go about building a new website that will allow you to continue to make changes that are needed to increase visitors, leads and customers. We also know your website is meant to support existing customers. This means you need to be able to adapt to their needs as well.

We will decide together, based on your goals, timeline and other factors, which of these methods for website development would be best for you.


Traditional Website Design

We can create a custom, responsive website that is easy to update with a content management platform. We provide training for you on how to make updates. But more than that, we want to help you create a plan so that your website doesn‘t sit stagnant for months, or even years, without monitoring and making changes to be sure it‘s bringing in enough qualified leads.

Growth-Driven Web Design

This process for building a website can get you to a new look quickly by starting with the basics. From there we will have a plan for what needs to be added and tested to see how well it‘s working each month. If you‘re familiar with the “agile” process often used to build software, the Growth-Driven Design process will feel similar. We are able to build, test and then make changes to the website on an ongoing basis to keep improving the website‘s results and to adapt as the company shifts priorities or changes goals.
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