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30 Degrees North was started in 2005 by three partners—each with their unique skill set—creating the perfect platform for generating new ideas that help clients meet and exceed their goals.

Today the team has grown to include even more experts in each of our specialties.



Mary Ann Hegvold

Marketing Mix Master
(and CEO)

Mary Ann is doing what she loves — finding creative ways for her clients to reach their goals and scale their companies using strategic marketing. Her art teacher dad started her down this path of creativity and she was able to make it a part of her career. She holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Houston and has advanced her knowledge and skills over the past 20 years doing all-things-marketing. Mary Ann thrives on learning new things and working in various industries, although medical is where she's spent much of her career.


Mark Croft

Chief Geek
(and COO)

Mark’s favorite things include filming with his GoPro, pushing the limits of the web and keeping up with the latest tech blogs and podcasts. What we mean is that he loves to stay on the leading edge of technology. And that’s what you need when you’re looking for the best technology for your website or other web-based projects. His degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University was where he started his work on the web and he's stayed focused on leading our clients through their web technology needs eversince.


Brian Hegvold

Lead Dreamer
(and Art Director)

Brian has always loved art—drawing especially—so being a graphic designer was the logical step for his career. He received his degree in Design Communication from Texas Tech University in 1996 and today he heads up our creative team, coming up with new ideas and directions for clients that maybe they wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. His experience spans a wide variety of industries from medical to industrial to retail and everything in between. He loves a challenge, so bring us your next project!


Aaron Ash

Code Ninja

Aaron has always been good at working to see how things work which he transformed at an early age into a passion for programming. He quickly found that the web is the best place to be. A complete geek over new technologies and hi-tech products, he loves experimenting with anything that could help a client. And he’ll do all of it quietly. That's why we call him the code ninja!


Erin Good

Sweet Southern Marketer & Growth Strategist

Erin calls Alabama home sweet home, but Texas has definitely earned a spot in her heart when she moved here shortly after graduating from Auburn University with a BSBA in Marketing. She loves setting goals and working towards completing them one checklist at a time. In her down time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids.


Erica Madera

Growth Marketing Maestro

Erica’s journey into marketing started with an interest in website design and how it guides people through an experience. She holds a BFA in Communication Design from Texas State University and is drawn to understanding human behavior and making things easier for the end-user. Her organized, resourceful, and user-centered mindset lends well to inbound marketing. When she’s not working, Erica enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and listening to true crime stories.


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