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by Tabitha Young on October 27, 2020

What Drives the Cost of Google Ads? Pay Per Click Ads Explained

Paid search ads are an integral part of a solid inbound marketing strategy. They are a fast and efficient way to generate leads, retarget prospects, and increase brand awareness.

A smart paid search campaign can boost your marketing effort and generate quick results. However, a poor approach can...

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Paid Search

by Tabitha Young on March 10, 2020

Why You Should Set SMART Goals for Paid Search Ads

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns can be tricky. At first glance, it seems like it should be simple: you create some ads, target some specific people and then wait for the results. Right?

The reality is that you should always have goals in mind before investing in ads. You wouldn't invest in the...

Topics: Marketing Strategy, Paid Search

by Tabitha Young on September 11, 2019

What Is Inbound Marketing and Can It Work for Your Business?

Marketing has changed a lot in the past two decades. For one thing, there's the internet, and with it came business websites, search engines and social media. 

For another, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing automation have given marketers new tools to do their...

Topics: Inbound Marketing, SEO, Landing Page Strategy

by Tabitha Young on June 7, 2019

Paid vs Organic Search: What's the Difference?

Before we dive headlong into the differences between paid and organic search, it's critical that you understand a bigger picture first. Paid and organic search are both parts of a much larger umbrella in the world of sales and client acquisition – they're both forms of inbound marketing. And if...

Topics: Inbound Marketing, SEO, Paid Search