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Why Selling EHR Software Requires More Than a Free Demo Offer

by Mary Ann Hegvold on July 13, 2015

When medical practices first started their research on EHR software, they were most likely searching online for really broad terms. Things like: 

  • Which EHR software is right for my medical practice?
  • Best EHR software
  • Best cloud EHR software
  • Best EHR software for [insert specialty]

But now that most practices have been using an EHR system in their offices for anywhere from a few months to a few years, you now have a more sophisticated buyer with specific questions they need answered in order to consider your software. Ultimately they only want to switch if another software can solve the problems they're currently having. A free demo may offer insight, but how do they narrow down the list of companies to request a demo from?

A New Approach to Selling EHR Software

Because personal experience is going to drive how your prospects search for and evaluate new EHR software, they need answers that will address specific concerns. Instead of broad searches, today's search phrases are more likely to include:

  • EHR integration with [insert practice management system name]
  • Which EHR manages services that aren't standard protocol, such as clinical research studies?
  • How does the EHR help improve patient outcomes

You can probably think of about 20 topics or more just based on the questions that your sales people handle every day when talking to practices that are considering switching their EHR.

What if you could be the source of information for answers to these types of questions? This would make you a valuable resource and not just a company that is trying to sell, sell, sell. Of course selling IS your ultimate goal, but use education as the tactic that brings people to the website where they'll be willing to become a lead and listen to what you have to say.

This will take you beyond the standard call-to-action on every software company's site: FREE DEMO.

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Educating gives prospects the information they need before they're willing to click the "free demo" button. Help them through the evaluation phase by creating confidence in your software and your company's capabilities.

Did you know?

More than 60% of a purchase decision is made before the buyer reaches out to the company they believe they want to purchase from.

What does that mean for EHR software companies?

It means that your website will need to give more than an exhaustive list of features and benefits and the offer of a free demo. You'll need to show how you can apply your software to specific scenarios. Otherwise you might not have a chance to connect with that potential buyer. Give them more. 

Four Things You Can Do Before the Free Demo Offer When Selling EHR Software

When selling to doctors or their administrators, try to answer some questions without requiring the live conversation. It takes the pressure off of your visitor. Of course buyers will eventually need to see your feature list and your pricing. But get them there by showing that your company -- both staff and product -- can really address their concerns and then setup time for a call. Here are some ways you can sell EHR software without staring at the demo:

  1. Write blogs - Writing on topics that interest your target audience can help draw them into your website. Identify a few topics each week that you can address in blogs. This creates more content for Google to serve when that specific phrase is searched. And it creates more content for your potential buyers to read before they reach out. Learn more about how to strategically write blog posts.

  2. Use a live chat service on the site - If you don't have one already, you can add something that allows visitors to ask specific questions without having to go through a demo or get on the phone. And if you're not available at the moment they can leave an email address and their question which will be sent over to you so you can reply as soon as possible. 

  3. Show examples - Do you have a few good examples of practices that switched to your EHR successfully? Outline the challenges and show how your EHR software addressed the concerns. This type of white paper is often worth an email address in return for the content -- depending on how specific you are in your example.

  4. Offer free, advanced content - Combine your sales teams' experiences and knowledge into a free publication that can be a guide to selecting EHR Software for [insert whichever specialty you're targeting] or addressing some other need for your target audience. Find out what people want to know and answer those questions in an easy-to-digest booklet. Your knowledge is valuable to prospects and more likely to be welcomed if it's objective and presented in an educational manner. Your goal is to capture the visitor as a lead -- whether they're ready for the free demo or they just want your free guide book.  Read more about using landing pages to gather online leads.

Use the website to educate, create trust and demonstrate that you know your stuff without spouting off too many technical terms. Get to the crux of their problems and help them see how you can solve the issues.

These are the things that you'll need to do in order to be on the short list of companies that the practice is willing to sit through a demo with. 

And if they already trust your company when it comes time for the demo, it will be that much easier to convince them to switch to your product. 

Consider taking a look at how your website is set up to manage these important educational tools. Download our free eBook on 25 Website Must Haves For Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales.

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