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Reputation Building

Reputation Building
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Customers Play a Key Role in Your Reputation.
What Are You Doing to Stay Engaged With Them?

Traditionally, customer service has not been a huge concern for the marketing team. It was more of an operational concern once the sale was complete. But then came the revolution of star ratings and online reviews. Today it seems that everyone has an opinion about everything and they share that information online. Those reviews now play a critical role in the decision-making process of your potential customers!

What can you do to nurture customers so that they’re more likely to refer you to friends and even to strangers through their online reviews?

  • Ensure you get feedback from customers so you can perform even better in the future.
  • Help customers find answers to their questions quickly and easily.
  • Encourage public reviews on third party websites.
  • Create reviews that can be used on your own website to boost SEO.

All of these things are critical for growing and maintaining your reputation amongst current and potential customers.

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HubSpot Service Hub Makes Customer Service Easier

Using the HubSpot Service software, it is now quicker and easier than ever to engage current customers by asking about their experiences and answer their questions – no matter what time of day it is. Plus, you can automate as much of the customer service process as possible so that your team can focus on helping customers and less on paperwork.

HubSpot Service Hub includes

Customer Feedback

Track customer happiness by creating surveys to gather feedback that can be used to build a better customer experience.

Knowledge Base

Turn your customers’ most frequently asked questions and into content on your website in the form of a knowledge base. This would include a series of helpful articles and documentation for your customers so they can find answers straight from you whenever they need it.

Customer Service Automation

Automate your customer service processes with ticket routing, escalation, and task creation. Use feedback responses to create tasks for members of your team, or organize customer promoters into lists for follow-up.

Online Reputation Management - How Do You Score?

Why monitor your online reputation?

It’s important to know what others are saying about you and your business in third party-reviews. There are literally dozens of places where your business name can appear and be reviewed. If you’re a physician, lawyer or in a profession where you may personally be reviewed, both the business and the individuals within the business may receive reviews which becomes a lot to manage.

reputation management

How to manage online reputations

We offer a service that can help you build and manage your online reputation. This includes working to make your online listings as accurate as possible as well as encouraging reviews. Our reputation management services will help you:

  • Identify where you’re listed and work to update those when possible.
  • Collect lower ratings internally, before they’re likely to hit third-party review sites.
  • Collect reviews you can post on your own website.
  • Encourage posting of good reviews on popular third-party websites.
  • Stay informed when a review is posted on a third-party review site.
  • Respond to reviews quickly.

If you have a good understanding of where you have good and/or bad reviews, you can start to direct customers to post reviews on websites that may not have any or only a few.

This service includes both software and our team working with you to make updates, respond to review and monitor what’s happening online related to your business and personal profiles.

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