Should You Fire Your Website? How To Know When It's Time for a Website Redesign

Posted by Mary Ann Hegvold on August 31, 2015

website_firedYour website has the potential to be your best sales person. It's working 24/7. It's full of good information and makes the pathway to working with your company crystal clear. Right?

If you're reading this and thinking, "That would be true, but we haven't updated our website in quite a while..." you're not alone. The typical process for updating a website doesn't take place as often as it should to keep up with all that your company offers. That's on par with sending your sales team into meetings without telling them how you've improved the product over the past year. Neither one can do a good job without being given all the information and some good presentation skills!

So whether it's been weeks, months, or years, it's time to think about how your website is working for you now. Do you need to start over? Can you work with what you have? And how do you know whether your new updates are producing the results you need?

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3 Things Clients Should Know Before Starting a Website Design

Posted by Brian Hegvold on May 1, 2015


Whether you have been in business for years or just starting out, everyone knows that having a web presence is important for any business these days. So if you think you're ready to find a web design team to help you get your website where you want it to be, there are few items you should have ready before getting started.

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How To Be Sure You Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Posted by Mary Ann Hegvold on March 31, 2015

The day is coming. April 21, 2015. Are you ready? For the first time, Google has given us an actual deadline for a change they're going to make in their search algorithm. Also for the first time, they've given you some heads up on how this will directly impact you. Your site must be considered "mobile-friendly" by this date. The consequence if you don't comply: You will be removed from Google search results conducted on a smart phone. This is a big deal.


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Simple Website Navigation is Key to Happy Visitors

Posted by Mark Croft on March 18, 2015


What do you consider the most important aspect of a good website?  Maybe that it uses pleasing colors?  The photos are nice?  The layout makes it easy to use?  A recent study by HubSpot shows that the most important element of good website design is the ease of finding information.  Website navigation is a key component for a visitor to find what they are looking for on your website.  Let’s look at why that’s the case and what qualities make for great website navigation.

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Why You Should Optimize Images for the Web

Posted by Brian Hegvold on March 12, 2015


Everyone's been there...and then left. Been where? You know, that website that is soooooo slow. We've all attempted to visit a website that just seems like it takes forever to load!

You literally have 2 seconds to get a website to load without the visitor considering bouncing off to somewhere else.[1] Mobile users are more likely to give you a 6-10 second grace period before they head somewhere else. That means your website better load fast or you could be losing countless website leads and sales.

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Principles of Web Design: 3 Reasons White Space on Websites Matters

Posted by Brian Hegvold on February 23, 2015

Principles of Web Design: White Space on WebsitesDetermining what works and what doesn’t work for your website is every site owner’s challenge. How can I drive more visitors to my website? How can I get them to stay longer? And then, more importantly, how can I keep them engaged? We’ve all heard the phrase; sometimes less is more. In the case of website design, that adage certainly holds true.

We’ve all visited websites only to quickly leave or hit the back button for one main reason; overcrowding. When you immediately think “where do I begin?” you'll tend to leave and see if there’s a better option out there, one that’s not so overwhelming.

These sites violated one of the principles of web design that isn’t always at the top of the priority list: negative space, sometimes called white space on websites.

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